vendredi 1 février 2008

[DS] Flower, Sun, and Rain - site updated

Grasshopper's NDS GTA-like' official site has just been updated with a commercial video. It doesn't include any gameplay footage. It's more like a "live action" version of the mysterious story. The studio previously released the cult Killer 7 on GameCube and more recently, No More Heroes on Wii. The video can be seen here:
Note that has a very interesting interview of Grasshopper's founder, known as SUDA 51, about NO MORE HEROES' development on the Nintendo Wii.
Le GTA-Like NDS de Grasshopper (studio japonais auteur de No More Heroes et Killer 7), autrefois sorti sur Playstation 2 (2001) vient de voir son très beau site officiel mis à jour avec l'ajout d'une vidéo commerciale, sans gameplay et ô combien mystérieuse. Du SUDA-51 quoi...
L'objet du délit se trouve ici:

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